About Nordic Virtual Summit.

An annual community driven Microsoft IT Pro virtual event
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A passion project

The Nordic Virtual Summit is a project born out of a passion for community events and the lack of physical meetups during Covid-19. Some of the largest Endpoint Management User groups in the Scandinavian countries got together to make this new virtual summit a reality. Though it was, and is, in no way meant to function as an event exclusively for Scandinavians.

Knowledge HUB

Our aim is to empower passionate IT pros from around the world, to achieve more in the Microsoft Cloud.

Through the power of Microsoft Teams, we bring together inspirational community leaders, Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Program managers, and passionate individuals willing to share their knowledge on interesting topics.

Original sessions or recently updated ones get the highest considerations when we put together the live event which is a joint effort between top scandinavian MEM User Groups:

  • WP Ninjas DK
  • Experts Live DK

and the MSEndpoingMgr.com crew.


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“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

-Brené Brown